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Why do I need a book keeper?

You are GREAT at what you do but do you want to fill up your day managing the admin of your business?  Wouldn’t you be better to free up that time to do more business and enable it to grow?

Will you talk to my accountant?

We are happy to work with you AND your accountant. 

Who does the filing?

If you need us to we will, we are moving to a paperless business but know that there are some thing that need to be filed. 

What makes you different to my accountant?

Bookkeepers and accountants often work together.  Bookkeepers get all the information together into a format that will enable your accountant to guide you to strengthen your business

Aren't book keepers becoming absolete?

No, there will always be a place for us.  What bookkeepers do has changed significantly over the last 15 years particularly. We work to keep our skills up to date, to make sure we are across all of the exciting developments in our space to ensure that you benefit from having someone look after your books?

How long does it take?

That’s a tough one to answer.  It will depend on how many transactions there are, whether you want us to chase your customer payments, or manually enter the information into our systems.  It also depends on how often you get information to us either via our software partners like Hubdoc or sending us your paperwork.

Do I need to keep receipts?

The best answer is YES!  The more information we can add into your Xero file about the transactions the better.

How often will do my work?

We aim to work on your file each week.  We want to make sure that invoices are matched to payments, that bills are paid on time and not missed.

How often do I have to talk to you?

That depends on you.  We can set up call each month or quarter?  If you prefer we can text you reminders about due dates.  We will work with you on how best and when to contact you.